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Are you affected by the full moon? Human and animal physiology are subject to seasonal, lunar, and circadian rhythms. Luna comes from Latin, meaning moon. The lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, menstruation, and birth rate. The menstrual cycle, conception, delivery and even fertility have been closely [...]
What’s really in your air freshener? A study conducted at the University of Sharjah analysed 4 different air fresheners, randomly chosen from the local supermarket. The samples were analysed and revealed a variety of chemicals. The chemicals found in the samples include lilial, galaxolide, benzenemethanol, musk ketone, butylated hydroxytoluene, [...]
0 What are the dangers of fluorescent lights?
What are the dangers of fluorescent lights?   Fluorescent lighting depends on a chemical reaction inside of a glass tube to create light. This chemical reaction involves gases and mercury vapour interacting, which produces an invisible UV light. That invisible UV light illuminates the phosphor powder coating on the [...]
Could gallstones be related to hypothyroid? There is an association between thyroid and gallstones. Hypothyroidism leads to a decrease in liver cholesterol metabolism causing serum hypercholesterolemia, with 90% of hypothyroid patients having elevated cholesterol levels. Studies have shown an increase in the number of gallstones in the common bile [...]
Can the pill regulate your periods? So often I hear women say that their doctor put them on the oral contraceptive pill to regulate their periods. Reasons for this could be painful periods, heavy periods or irregular periods, maybe due to PCOS or maybe for unknown reasons. The common [...]
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The Surprising Benefits of Boron Boron, an often-underutilised trace mineral is naturally present in certain foods and within the environment. The Benefits of Boron It is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone It greatly improves wound healing It beneficially impacts the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone and [...]
The Health Benefits of Germanium Over 95% of my hair analysis patients are depleted in germanium. So, what IS this natural element, and why is it important to your health? Nutritionally, the natural element germanium has been known to aid in the prevention of cancer and AIDS. Certain compounds [...]
Copper Toxicity És a női testben azonos körülmények között a hormonok termelése jelentősen lefelé, csak az oxitocint hagyva, aki a bizalomért és a szeretetért felelős (de nem a partner aktív Ezért a hölgy elsősorban olyan izgalmat tapasztal, amely sokkal kevesebb, mint a Lordok. Copper toxicity is a condition [...]
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What is Kinesiology Used For? Uses of Kinesiology: Pain Stress & Confusion Depressive Tendencies Digestive Disorders Fatigue & Tiredness Back Problems Learning Disabilities Respiratory issues Nervous Disorders Food sensitivities & responses Sports Injuries Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement General Wellbeing