I have been developing these Kinesiology Test Kits for over 15 years. As an experienced Homeopath and trained Kinesiologist, I understand the importance of a reliable homeopathic test kit for muscle testing for allergies and sensitivities. I wanted to create testing kits that were made from homeopathic remedies made the traditional way and started sourcing homeopathic remedies from reputable homeopathic pharmacies worldwide. Kinesiologists started using them in clinic and we found that the lowest potency, which is the closest vibration to the original substance, showed the strongest muscle response when testing, therefore being the most accurate.


Whilst homeopathic remedies made by non-traditional ways, such as radionics machines, have proven to work effectively, I have discovered through clinical experience that they seem to lose their effectiveness after some months or years. This was another reason why it was so important to me to source remedies that were made the traditional way. Over the years, the demand for these kits grew and I started to expand. More and more kits were developed.


Another goal was to make the kinesiology kits as affordable as possible. From studying Kinesiology and Homeopathy, I believe that you don’t need a whole variety of different types of bacteria for example, and all their sub categories. The body will choose a bacteria that is close to what the problems is. The practitioner will be able to balance the person around it even though it’s not the exact bacteria. What’s important is that the content of the vial is active and as close as possible to the original substance. A great starting kit is the ALLERGY & SENSITIVITY TESTING KIT. It has a variety or allergens, toxins, viruses, poisons and bacteria.


The kinesiology test kits are an ongoing project and I intend to develop more kits in the future. If you have any suggestions, please contact me.