The Surprising Benefits of Boron

Boron, an often-underutilised trace mineral is naturally present in certain foods and within the environment.

The Benefits of Boron

  • It is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone
  • It greatly improves wound healing
  • It beneficially impacts the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone and vitamin D
  • It boosts magnesium absorption
  • It reduces levels of inflammatory biomarkers, such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein
  • It raises levels of antioxidant enzymes
  • It protects against pesticide-induced oxidative stress and heavy-metal toxicity
  • It improves cognitive function
  • It positively influences SAM-e and NAD production
  • It is beneficial in a number of cancers, such as prostate, cervical, lung cancer and lymphoma
  • It may help ameliorate the adverse effects of chemotherapy

However, no beneficial effects have been observed at intakes lower than 3mg per day.

Boron levels in foods are highly dependent on how healthy the soil is where the crops are grown. Boron is naturally found in many whole foods, especially beans, nuts, whole grains and avocados, as well as fruits like berries, plums, oranges and grapes.



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