Lyme Disease Testing Kit Flat Box


3 Boxes 26cm x 17cm x 2.5cm each

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Melissa Gonella
Melissa Gonella
09:35 08 Jun 21
I found these testing kits to be very effective and... more
Mimi The poodle
Mimi The poodle
10:21 04 Jun 21
Evelin provides caring customer service and she is quick to... respond to questions. Her test kits are amazing and I enjoy her test kits in my clinic.I recommend her test kits to more
David & Karen Hobbis
David & Karen Hobbis
22:06 05 Dec 20
Very happy with the quality and range of the test kits and... great customer more
Reginald van Acker
Reginald van Acker
13:35 03 Dec 20
For a few weeks now I am using your test kits, and what a... difference they make.The vibration of the vials showed very strong muscle response, I only realised the quality when using them compared to my previous kit.I downloaded your information booklets which I found very useful and up to date, Thank you Anja Ottenheimread more
Lylyan Nobles
Lylyan Nobles
18:43 16 Nov 20
Evelyn is great! She is quick to respond to questions and... is great with customer service! I also have enjoyed using her test kits and have recently ordered more
Paige West
Paige West
00:57 15 May 20
Has expanded the services I can offer to clients and makes... for an all round better wellness practise! Gives more specificity that I can offer!read more
Philip Rafferty
Philip Rafferty
06:31 09 Apr 20
Evelin's testing kits are top quality. They are presented... in a professional display case which is very durable. This is very useful if a kinesiologist has to travel and work between clinics. Our Kinergetics Kinesiology students love using these products and rave about the wide variety available. Evelin provides a caring and thorough after sales service. I especially like using the Heavy Metals test kits. Our students in India, USA and Australia use these kits when conducting their heavy metal kinesiology sessions with clients. I recommend these testing kits 100%!read more
15:51 10 Mar 20
High quality products, service after sales is good !
martina doran
martina doran
21:06 14 Feb 20
Fabulous customer service .... more importantly, the kits... themselves are are state of-the-art .... well presented and accurate and comes with a guide book! Amazing, Amazing!read more
Andrew Zaranko
Andrew Zaranko
09:39 12 Feb 20
Great personal service . Imported them to England . Great... small kits and already using them to good effect . Very pleased with the boxes and each of the five kits I have so far - I would recommend them without any doubt . AZread more
Yuki Ono
Yuki Ono
10:37 12 Jan 20
I ordered nutrition and Hormone test kits that exactly I... needed starting my Kinesiology practice.I thought kits were too small but actually I find easy to use and store in shelf. Delivery is fast and product is working very well. I will order again . Thank youread more
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Lyme Disease & Co-infections Testing Kit includes 100 Vials and an Information Booklet (download)

Lyme Disease is widely spread in the US and Europe, but not acknowledged in Australia as there is still some controversy around Lyme Disease and its testing.

Tick-borne disease symptoms can take many forms and can often mimic those of other illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Some people suffering from a “Mystery Illness” searching for answers, visiting many doctors and practitioners, may even suffer from Lyme Disease without knowing it. This is a great test kit to test for anything related to Lyme Disease.

Not only does this Kinesiology Test Kit include vectors and bacteria associated with Lyme Disease, but also treatment options such as different types of commonly prescribed antibiotics to treat Lyme Disease.

Furthermore, the test kit includes the main causes of Lyme Disease according to the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams. He states substances that can trigger Lyme Disease, such as mould, mercury, or insecticides.

In addition, Anthony Williams suggests healing herbs and supplements that are also included in this test kit.

This testing kit is a homeopathic test kit designed to give practitioners, such as Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Bioresonance Practitioners, and Naturopaths, who are trained in muscle testing, a practical tool to test for causes for health-related conditions.

How is this Testing Kit different?

As an experienced homeopath I understand the importance of a reliable homeopathic test kit for muscle testing. Consequently, all vials include a few homeopathic pills of at least five different homeopathic potencies sourced from reputable homeopathic pharmacies.

A variety of different potencies is more likely to accurately test when muscle testing. Sometimes a homeopathic remedy in a 6x homeopathic potency may not trigger a response when muscle testing, yet the same remedy in a 12c homeopathic potency may indicate a response.

All homeopathic remedies are made the traditional way and are sourced from reputable homeopathic pharmacies worldwide. They have been found to have an indefinite shelf life when stored correctly. I have discovered through clinical experience that homeopathic remedies made by non-traditional methods (radionically) seem to lose their effectiveness after some months or years. This has also been confirmed by some experienced Kinesiologists.

The Lyme Disease Testing Kit comes in 2 sturdy, flat cardboard boxes.


  1. Amalgam
  2. Amblyomma americanum (Lonestar tick)
  3. Amoxicillin
  4. Anaplasma phagocytophilum
  5. Antibiotic mix
  6. Astaxanthin
  7. Azithromycin
  8. Babesia bovis
  9. Babesia canis
  10. Babesia duncani
  11. Babesia microti
  12. Babesia spp.
  13. Bartonella
  14. Bartonella bacilliformis
  15. Bartonella claridgeiae
  16. Bartonella henselae,
  17. Bartonella quintana
  18. Blastocystis hominis
  19. Borrelia afzelii
  20. Borrelia andersonii
  21. Borrelia bissetti
  22. Borrelia burgdorferi
  23. Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato
  24. Borrelia garinii
  25. Borrelia hermsii
  26. Borrelia japonica
  27. Borrelia lusitania
  28. Borrelia mayonii
  29. Borrelia miyamotoi
  30. Borrelia parkeri
  31. Borrelia spielmanii
  32. Borrelia spp.
  33. Borrelia turicatae
  34. Borrelia valaisiana
  35. Brucella melitensis
  36. Campylobacter jejuni
  37. Candida albicans
  38. Candida glabrata
  39. Candida krusei
  40. Ceftriaxone
  41. Cefuroxime axetil
  42. Chlamydia pneumoniae
  43. Chlamydia trachomatis
  44. Ciprofloxacin
  45. Clarithromycin
  46. Colorado tick fever virus
  47. Coxiella burnetti
  48. Coxsackievirus
  49. Cytomegalovirus
  50. Deer tick virus
  51. Dermacentor andersoni (Lonestar tick)
  52. Dermacentor variables (Dog tick)
  53. Dientomoeba fragilis
  54. Doxycycline
  55. Ehrlichia spp.
  56. Epstein barr virus
  57. Francisella tularensis
  58. Helicobacter pylori
  59. Human herpes virus 1 (HHV1)
  60. Human herpes virus 6 (HHV6)
  61. Iatrogenics
  62. Insecticides
  63. Ixodes holocyclus (Australian paralysis tick)
  64. Ixodes pacificus (Western blacklegged tick)
  65. Ixodes Ricinus (Castor bean tick, sheep tick)
  66. Ixodes scapularis (Deer tick, blacklegged tick)
  67. Klebsiella pneumoniae
  68. Lemon balm
  69. Levofloxacin
  70. Liquorice root
  71. L-lysine
  72. Lomatium root
  73. Lyme disease
  74. Mercury
  75. Minocycline
  76. Mould
  77. Mycoplasma fermentans
  78. Mycoplasma penetrans
  79. Mycoplasma pneumoniae
  80. Nascent iodine
  81. Parvovirus
  82. Pesticides/herbicides
  83. Powassan virus
  84. Recreational drugs
  85. Reishi mushroom
  86. Rickettsia spp.
  87. Rifampicin (Rifampin)
  88. Silver hydrosol
  89. Simian virus 40
  90. Staphylococcus aureus
  91. STARI – Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness
  92. Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim
  93. Thyme
  94. Tick borne encephalitis virus
  95. Toxoplasma gondii
  96. Typhus (endemic)
  97. West Nile Virus
  98. Yersinia enterocolitica
  99. Yersinia Pestis
  100. Zinc

This Kinesiology Test Kit does NOT contain bacteria, parasites, or any other crude substance, but the homeopathic remedies made from these substances and is therefore perfect for muscle testing.

The homeopathic test kit contains glass vials as plastic can be unreliable for testing purposes. Pills are used to avoid liquid spillage and evaporation.

The test vials do not need to be opened as they are not intended for internal use, but for muscle testing only.

This testing kit comes in 2 sturdy, flat cardboard boxes for convenient handling. If stored correctly it has an indefinite shelf life. Please store this homeopathic test kit away from heat, direct sunlight, mobile phones, magnets, microwaves, and power points.

This kit is not intended for DIAGNOSIS or TREATMENT and is NOT a home testing kits. It is intended for practitioners such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance practitioners (Bicom, Vega, etc.), Chiropractors or anyone trained in muscle testing.